SS2019 Kenya

Kenya, is part of a great diversity of ethnic groups form the identity of the african continent, who struggle to keep intact their roots. Their typical costumes comprise geometric designs and bright colors, to which they give different meanings: red is the symbol of courage and strength; blue symbolizes heaven and water; the green represents nature; orange hospitality; white symbolizes purity; and the black represents the different African people and ethnic groups.
SS19 Piñata PUM collection is inspired by the colors of Kenya and the traditional clothing of its tribes. In the collection we find a cultural mix where red paintings and geometric patterns coexist with the infallible and characteristic garment dying and prints of the brand. This time, Piñata PUM has recreated a small savannah: zebras, lions, crocodiles, hippos, giraffes … the Piñata PUM universe in the heart of Africa, without losing the identity of each of the parties.
Hakuna Matata