A group of friends, tired of seeing their parents running all day, decided to found The Unhurried GANG.

Tom, Milo, Berta and Victoria, were the founders and only members
What was the goal?
End the adult rush.
Each of them proposed a mission that they should achieve. For example, Berta wanted her father to put aside his daily suit and mix clothes for hours with her. Victoria, on the other hand, all she wanted was for her mother to stop rushing her out of school and stop one day to try to smell the rain, Milo wished that one day her mother would deviate from the path and dedicate herself for a few hours to travel with him by bike his neighborhood without any destination.
So one by one, the missions were born; mobile in silence mission, the eternal bathtub mission, the mission one story and perhaps two, …
Discover the fantastic gang of the Unhurried. Live with its protagonists the innocent but very diverse missions of a group of friends that doesn’t try anything else, that of getting the parents open her eyes a little bit more and learn to prioritize the time we spend with our children, where children's creativity exceeds the impositions and the schedules of the adults.