“Holmes’”, new Piñata PUM’s collection for AW18-19
Offers a first class plane ticket to Victorian London guided by one of the most memorable characters in English literature: Sherlock Holmes.With own, original, fun and meaningful illustrations such as deerstalker hats, pipes and mustaches, bow ties, umbrellas and and top hats, magnifiers and footprints, antique keys or pocket watches, Piñata PUM transports the smallest to the universe of Holmes and his inseparable colleague, Dr. Watson.

Soft colors, ranging from the beige one to the blue-gray one, reminding us of the ‘Great Smog of London’, the consequent pollution from unchecked factory emissions mingled in the city air with smoke from half a million domestic coal fires and vapors emanating from the River Thames. The touch of color is provided by anthracite gray, chromate yellow and cherry red, a very urban and timeless trio that never goes out of style.

Neither Tattersall patterns, recalling fabrics used to make the blankets to protect British horses, nor Widow Check patterns, could be missed in this English-inspired collection.

Comfortable and original patterns and soft fabrics such as 100% cotton, wool, plush, flannel, padded wadding fabrics and embroideries complete the most mysterious, interesting, intelligent and bold Piñata PUM’s collection.

This is how HOLMES emerges, a collection designed for the little ones to create their own world. Because, as HOLMES would say, “To a great mind nothing is little


AW2018-19 HOLMES