AW2017/18 SPACE ODDITY collection, set in space, is inspired by cultural references that make us travel to the 70’s, period of the history of artistic and creative revolution.

Piñata PUM pays homage to the artist David Bowie who, seduced by the successful feature film, turned his career around with the song that Piñata PUM takes the name for this new collection, becoming one of the most innovative artists, transgressors and influential people of the last century. With this artistic and cultural legacy, Piñata PUM proposes a breakthrough and original collection, claiming its will to transform children’s clothing into a new world characterized by its adventure, fantasy, fun, free and dreamy spirit. Planets and constellations, spaceships, extraterrestrial creatures and universes that revolve inside the ‘piñateros’ children, characterized by their curiosity and their desire to discover new horizons.

Like a good rock song, the ‘Space Oddity’ collection rises in style through the use of fabrics and colors such as raw and yellow for microcorduroy tissue, gray marengo and wine color for plush fabric, and its most striking proposal, the series of fabrics and prints in silver and metallic details.

So, as Bowie says, ‘check ignition and may God’s love be with you’, the new Piñata PUM Space Oddity collection has just taken off.