“Al son Cubano’”, new Piñata PUM’s collection for SS18
The new Piñata PUM’s collection moves to the rhythm of the cuban “Son”, a cuban musical style, precursor of salsa and mambo, which is manifested through a liberating music that claims pleasure, camaraderie and all the good that has the living.With this new collection, Piñata PUM wants to take advantage of the cheerful atmosphere that emanates from the chorale vibrations interpreted by an infinite variety of instruments like the bongo, the marimbula, the guiro and a pair of maracas but also by other totems that convey the essence of a Tropical culture, easy going and fun.

“To the cuban ‘son’” presents the classic Piñata PUM models and combines them with new original creations influenced by a mix of cuban folk and contemporary fashion. In this new collection, the main fabric is cotton because of its light and airy condition that allows maximum comfort and freedom of movement while using lightweight denim fabric.

The peach orange, lime green and navy blue are the colors chosen to represent the
Caribbean landscapes through a chromatic range of soft tones for fabrics, produced with the garment dye technique, and a chromatic range of more shades alive to highlight the prints. This visual impression will allow us to travel through some places where life and its pleasures are celebrated in each snapshot.

“To the Cuban ‘son’” presents a joyful collection that will remind to children and adults of the pleasures that fill people with life, such as music and dancing.