This collection, set in space, is inspired by cultural references that make us travel to the 70’s, period of the history of artistic and creative revolution. Piñata PUM pays homage to the artist David Bowie who, seduced by the successful feature film, turned his career around with the song that Piñata PUM takes the name for this new collection, becoming one of the most innovative artists, transgressors and influential people of the last century.

With this artistic and cultural legacy, Piñata PUM proposes a breakthrough and original collection, claiming its will to transform children’s clothing into a new world characterized by its adventure, fantasy, fun, free and dreamy spirit. Planets and constellations, spaceships, extraterrestrial creatures and universes that revolve inside the ‘piñateros’ children, characterized by their curiosity and their desire to discover new horizons.

Like a good rock song, the ‘Space Oddity’ collection rises in style through the use of fabrics and colors such as raw and yellow for microcorduroy tissue, gray marengo and wine color for plush fabric, and its most striking proposal, the series of fabrics and prints in silver and metallic details.

So, as Bowie says, ‘check ignition and may God’s love be with you’, the new Piñata PUM Space Oddity collection has just taken off.



Interview with Mariló, a piñatera mother

Who are you and what do you dedicate your life to?

Mariló, mother of three girls, teacher and part of two projects related to each other Latibule Studio and Good Morning Magazine.

What inspires you and moves you?

In general, I’m inspired by everything that generates a good state of mind. It can be a reading, a trip, a photograph, a conversation … I love to stop, watch what is around me and enjoy it.

When I get an idea to the head, I do not stop spinning to shape or share it.

What does creation and creativity mean to you?

Creativity is in my day to day, in the ability to resolve a discussion between my daughters, in preparing dinner, in shaping new projects …

Your favorite moment of the day is creative, what is it?

My favorite moment of the day does not have to be the most creative, my favorite moment is when we are all together and I feel very lucky to be like this.

What weight has the childish in your day to day?

Being a mother of three girls, it is very present. I dare say it is omnipresent.

What do you learn from your children?

Buff, lots of things! I learn to be more flexible, more open, more creative, more organized, to look at things from their perspective … The truth is that I strive to be a better person and that they can benefit from it.

How would you describe Piñata PUM’s Life Aquatic collection in three words?

Fresh, casual and comfortable

What is your favorite Life Aquatic clothing?

Overall and knit sweaters.

Come to Life Aquatic!


You are still in time to enter to Life Aquatic with your children. At Life Aquatic you will find all the clothes that we have been explaining through this channel, and now you will find them at much better prices as we continue of sales and in liquidation of our last units.

The length guide of Piñata PUM is extensive, from 3 months to 9 years; so the ‘piñatero’ world is strong and growing stronger.

The clothes are usually unisex and both the patterns and the fabrics used are designed and conceived thinking about the need and routine of our children. For this reason you will find in all our collections the use of cotton and loose patterns that allow maximum freedom of movement.

The prints are one of the elements that most identifies our brand. As you know each collection is associated with a series of drawings which we stamp on the garments with a technique that ensures that the print does not disappear after several washes.

We are very happy with the success of this new collection, and on our social networks (Instagram and Facebook) you can discover how piñateros are and how they wear the different Life Aquatic garments.

Today, like the rest of our colleagues, we’ve already had a few weeks of sales. If you want to take advantage of them, enter our online store by clicking here.

You can also go to the points of sale that distribute our brand, you will find them in this link here.

And if you want to, we would love to see your piñateros on vacation under the sea!

Piñateros on holidays !!!

They are all on holidays and without hours nor norms, it is pleasant to see them enjoy every second. Together or separately they are delighted with the surprises of summer: ice cream, sunglasses, heat, bare feet, etc.

Many of them have started to approach the sea and they tell us that with Life Aquatic they know what awaits them once they submerge under the sea.

They are anxious, prepared, excited because this summer is L I F E A Q U A T I C


Pictures by @ruthly @teoyolivia and @celine_audetourdunchemin

Upon a Piñata PUM T-Shirt

If you are one of those piñateros that awaits the announcement of the new collection because as we are, you are also passionate about bringing everyday to a dreamy and funny world, t-shirts are one of the references that has to be always, each season, in your closet.

A Piñata PUM’s T Shirt is what you give to welcome your friend to the Piñata PUM’s world.

The Piñata PUM’s T-Shirts pick up everything that defends this children’s fashion brand.

* Creativity and fun through drawings printed *

A new world interpreted through a symbology of drawings made by hand and naif style that appears printed on most of the garments.

* Comfort through 100% cotton garments *

Garments that, especially in summer, are made by 100% cotton in order to allow better breathing.

* Lasting garments: dyeing technique on clothing *

The t-shirts of each collection are of different colors, those colors chosen for each collection. At Life Aquatic we have sun yellow, navy blue and pearl from the sand of the beach or rocks under the sea.

Take a picture with your #LifeAquatic T-shirt and share it on our Instagram channel (@pinatapum)

And get our t-shirts in our online store  here


With the premiere of our new spring-summer collection, Life Aquatic, we are happy to launch our first contest on Instagram.

The way to participate is super simple and you can participate several times and increase your chances of winning. The only condition to participate is that you have to follow us on Instagram.

How to participate?

Search on our website your favorite garment of the Life Aquatic collection.

Hang the picture of the garment that you have chosen on your Instagram profile and explain why it is your favorite

Add the @pinatapum tag and the hashtags #pinatapum and #LifeAquatic

Among all those who participate, we will draw three garments from our summer collection Life Aquatic.

You have until June 12 and the draw will do it on Friday the 15th

Good luck!

<3 We Love Stripes <3

Nowadays, the stripes have earned their place as something much more solid than a ‘must-have‘ in the closet for children and adults. More than a garment to have, they are a classic, an icon.

Striped print garments are considered as key clothing pieces that defy trends, age groups and genders. Today they are one of the most durable and accessible prints in the world.

In addition, the stripes in Life Aquatic are not far from the origin of these in clothing. What image breaks in your imagination when we say: ‘striped t-shirt’? Exactly, a marine striped shirt.

The story that gives rise to this style goes back to the 19th century when French sailors began to wear this type of T-shirts as if it were a uniform, or rather it was a uniform-pattern. Since then, many trends and designers have appropriated this t-shirt model. Beginning with Coco Chanel who transformed a uniform into a fashion icon by associating the garment with the movement of the Nouvelle Vague, which was transmitted by characters from Goddard’s films, among other key figures in trends and fashion.

This icon resists the test of time and adapts to the new changes.

If the striped garments have taken center stage with celebrities from Brigitte Bardot to Kate Moss, this summer Life Aquatic appropriates this icon and moves it to the children’s look, a casual, fun and creative look. Life Aquatic offers complete striped sets like the dress called ‘Peixitu’ which is the one that the kid on the picture above this text wears. But also garments that can be combined with garments of the other colors offered by this new collection of Piñata PUM (pearl, blue and yellow).


Blue or Yellow? Choose your knitwear sweater !

Blue and yellow are the two colors that give life to the new summer collection of Piñata PUM. They are Mediterranean colors, reminiscent of the holiday atmosphere that we breathe in this season of the year that we like so much. Beach, sun, ice cream, nights under the stars, summer has all that and more and blue and yellow are its two protagonists.

Blue and yellow are two of the colors that are most repeated in the garments of the Life Aquatic collection and are the colors chosen for each of the two knitwear sweaters in this collection.

The choice is easy or you like the blue of the sky or the yellow of the sun.

The sweater is a basic piece in the children’s closet. Children between jumping, running and flying to rest after having ice cream sitting on a piece of sidewalk, having a knitwear sweater is essential to protect them from changes in body temperature due to their unexpected activity at any time.

Because of the properties of cotton, Life Aquatic knitwear sweaters promise summer comfort. Cotton is a natural and breathable fiber that helps keep the body dry at a cool and pleasant temperature.

And as always, Piñata PUM aside from claiming a creative environment in which children can have fun and learn also, the brand is committed to remember in each garment their comfort.

If you woud like to buy one of those knitwear jersey, pease go to our online store by clicking here and choose between blue or yellow.

Piñata PUM participates in the Design Day and offers fantastic discounts

This Saturday, May 13, Piñata PUM participates in the fourth edition of DesignRoom x Resa, a Design Festival that takes place in Barcelona every year. This festival will allows to have our own showroom during a whole day.

An entire day dedicated to design. A day that will start at 12 AM o’clock and end at 9 PM o’clock. We will present our new collection with great discounts and an outlet corner. Due to this meeting of designers, Piñata PUM will offer a discount of 30% on all their items in the Life Aquatic collection and up to 80% on garments from previous summer collections.

For those who are far away from Barcelona, we also want to celebrate this day with you so Piñata PUM also offers these discounts in its online store. In order to benefit from these discounts, you only have to use the promotional code DESIGNROOM30 in the purchase of any item of the Life Aquatic collection.

Bombachas pants = freedom

The cotton bombachas pants are the best pants in summer , especially for its comfort, a basic factor especially if you live in cities near the Mediterranean where high temperatures are enemies to garment models tight to the body.

The cotton bombachas pants are the item of oversized trousers that presents the new collection of Piñata PUM. In addition to jerseys and t-shirts, Life Aquatic was lacking a loose, wide pants that respond to the opinion of the latest fashion and claim freedom, fun and play without a brake.

The Aladin-style loose-fitting trousers are another of the stars this summer and another of Piñata PUM’s new bets. The three references we present are each identified with two of the three main colors (yellow and grey) and with the striped model, these three characteristics make up the Life Aquatic collection. The fabrics are a mixture of cotton and viscose, the technique is the dye in garment and both the waist and the ankles are fastened by an elastic tape that insists on the comfort of this garment.


Our leitmotiv when designing and producing this garment is freedom of movement, so we insist on its comfort in all aspects of the pants.

Boooooooooomber !

Piñata PUM has assumed the revival of the  bomber and has designed its own model. The result, here you have it:

Last year, Vogue magazine already anticipated the success of the bombers in urban fashion. Today, (almost) we all have a bomber and it was time to include the children and make them part of this.

The bomber is a perfect garment for this time of year because it is neither cold nor hot.

In case you do not know, the bombers are also known as the ‘flight jackets‘ because they were the jackets that the pilots wore in the middle of the last century.

Usually all bombers are usually zipped and have two central pockets. True to the traditions of the basic fashion, Piñata PUM has designed its bomber as is.

Since the bombers appeared, each decade has had its own appropriating each time a different cultural symbol on it.

And what is the Piñata PUM‘s bomber talking about?

It talks about life, laughter, colors, joy, play, friendship … all of these values that the piñata PUM’s family gathers and claims in each of his clothes.

If you want the bomber, you can find it by clicking here

The easter holidays of the ‘piñateros’

These days the piñateros have been on their easter holidays and the best of all is that they have had the opportunity to wear some of the most spring clothes of Life Aquatic.

We have collected some moments, have a look !

The boy wears one of the t-shirts, garment dyed and 100% cotton (see product here)

These two sisters wear both leggings, gray-pearl and 100% cotton (see product here)

A day in the amusement park, well sheltered with the yellow jersey knitted sweater, and underneath .. surprise! this piñatera also wears one of the beautiful dresses of the collection Life Aquatic. Guess which one it is!

And these two friends, about to eat the world will do it with one of the oversyzed t-shirts and the hand of the balloon fish, one of the friends of the band of Life Aquatic.


How was your little one dressed up during easter holidays??


Cotton Knitwear for Spring Time

In spring the temperatures are often treacherous. We get up with a rather cool air, we spend the day hot but the sun goes down so do the temperatures that usually drop a few degrees down. Knit jerseys have been essential for small and adult wardrobes for a few years now. Besides that fashion makes them come back every year they are ideal, as we have said, for this season of the year.

For this reason, in Piñata PUM we decided that now was a good time to tell you about our knitted jerseys. We have two colors, blue and yellow.

They are rather loose for children to be comfortable in their spring adventures.

These colors are soft and Mediterranean so they are easy to combine with t-shirts (yes, sometimes you can see the neck of the t-shirt), trousers, skirts and dresses.

Another of its characteristics is the fabric: both models are 100% cotton.

And where are the prints? Being knitted we have preferred that children wear this form of fabric that looks special, artisan … like us!

You know, you just have to choose whether blue or yellow? In any case, you will be choosing a color of spring, summer, Mediterranean, one of those colors that in addition to combining with the other colors you have chosen to give life to your little closet also combine with the blue of the sea or the rose of the ice cream.

Summer dress up with an overall

The overall is a funny garment for its originality and because although all the brands have their version, it is a rare piece. There will always be a pair of pants or a t-shirt that will take the lead off the overall. In Piñata PUM we have always liked the overalls and we try to have an overall for each of our overall..

Life Aquatic features three different overall for three types of overall. Our overalls are made for summer, that is to say: they are comfortable, loose, with fabrics that last even if washed many times and has a Mediterranean style so that the child is happy and go together with what moves around him.

As each child is a world of imagination and illusion, we wanted to create different overalls..

One of them claims the Life Aquatic universe through the prints of the drawings that bring this collection to life. We have chosen the blue color as the sea and the sky to give light to this first overall that we present.


To the second overall, we wanted to give a single color and not to repeat the blue, we chose one of the other two colors of Life Aquatic: the pastel-pearl gray has been chosen. A color that feels very good when the children are blushing their hair for the excess of sun and heat.


Finally, the third overall also recalls the Mediterranean, the sea and that is thanks to be striped. Stripes, another fashion classic, like the overall that always comes back… but we’ll give the space to the stripes soon …

Clothes for princesses who live under the sea

For the little baby girls, the new collection of Piñata PUM, ‘Life Aquatic , features two exclusive clothes, designed and conceived with softness and delicacy, two adjectives that perfectly characterize the smallest of all the girls.

These two garments are a dress that we have called Calamar,, which means Calamar,, and a body culot that we have called Rana, which means Rana.

The magic and energy that ‘Life Aquatic conveys is such that we managed to turn the youngest girls into true princesses of the kingdom of the Calamar and the Rana.

As we believe in group dynamics and in everything that a group of children is capable of transforming and generating through imagination, creativity, honesty, innocence, the small and aquatic kingdoms that live under the sea of ​​Piñata PUM are made by groups of three little princesses. Each one of them is represented by one of three references of Calamar and Rana.

Thus, we get six different references, all of them comfortable so that the girls can move under the sea with tranquility. All of them empowered with vivid colors, dyed in garment, like them. All of them with funny designs printed on their fabrics that are 100% cotton.

The funniest thing is when these six little princesses get together to take their magical world even further into the aquatic world and make all its inhabitants part of this magic be-in, a magical space that only Calamar and Rana can create and share.

And the secret of its continuity is the lasting quality of these six ‘Life Aquatic fabrics.

Tell me which Life Aquatic character you choose and I’ll tell you who you are

This week we continue with the t-shirts of the collection ‘Life Aquatic‘. And why we insist on the t-shirts, because in the end the fashion surrenders to the t-shirts, its simplicity and its potential depending on what it has printed on. How many times we see that after the best fashion shows it seems that the press has only noticed The T-Shirt! It is not unknown, but we often underestimate this garment.

Today, what is fashionable, due to a global context with hundred causes to vindicate and claim, is the t-shirts with true slogans printed on them. Sometimes they are slogans, other times they are symbols, whatever it is but it is always a print with a solid content.

So are the t-shirts of the collection ‘Life Aquatic‘ by Piñata PUM. Full of life and fun, innocent and mischievous, playful and creative, like the piñateros !

I suggest that you do the test, let them choose if they prefer to be friends of the whale-submarine, the diver, the octopus or the fish-globe. The answers that interpret the child’s possible personality will be found in the post we did last week or here.

The color can run at your charge, all are warm colors, fun, talking about summer, beach and life under the sea. What we are going to repeat is that the fabric is 100% cotton.

Let’s play ! That is what we really want to defend every day in Piñata PUM !


The T-Shirts ‘Life Aquatic’

‘Life Aquatic’ has chosen the classic and timeless piece of the t-shirt and presents nine different references.

The t-shirt became popular in the 1950s and thanks to its easy-to-wear concept, has quickly become a symbol of the western lifestyle and today the t-shirt has spread all over the world.

This fashion classic is personalized with its printed patterns and color choices for each reference. The Piñata PUM t-shirts are designed using the technique of garment dyed and by choosing bright colors that combine creatively with the collective imagination of summer holidays, heat, beach and sea.

The fabric of these t-shirts is 100% cotton, all the references are unisex and the production is local … even craft!


Piñata PUM has dedicated a t-shirt to each of the drawings that make up this collection.

Piñata PUM’s drawings are visual stories that seek to convey an imagination and values ​​that drive the entire collection. In this case, ‘Life Aquatic’ invites all  ‘piñateros’ children to discover the underwater world of the hand of a band of characters found on the t-shirts of the collection.

The whale is a generous and kind animal that turns into a submarine to take piñateros children from one place to another under the sea. The whale is a friend who takes us into this endless adventure that offers us this new aquatic world.

The diver is an aquatic explorer who knows all the species that exist under the sea, every corner, every rock and is ready to teach us to become also great explorers of the sea.

The octopus is the funniest of all this new band of friends. The octopus spends his days laughing and playing. With his many elastic arms, he embraces us but also tickles us and when the sirens sing, the octopus becomes a great dancer.

Finally the balloon fish is tender and in love, it is always there when one needs company and friendship. The balloon fish always accompanies us, he watches us, he takes care of us as a best friend.

‘Life Aquatic’ and its colors, its characters, its comfortable and sparkling clothes go back to the origins of the brand. Piñata PUM is a brand of Barcelona, ​​local production and whose every piece breathes the Mediterranean spirit.


Today we announce the new collection for this season of spring and summer 2017.

Life Aquatic collection is based on the film of the same name by Wes Anderson. We dive into the Piñata underwater world, where whales are submarines. There is an octopus who encourages us to move like him, a blowfish displaying its shape, and a diver who tells us that everything is OK down there, so we can dive with all of them.

By immersing ourselves in the underwater Piñata world, we see soft colors: yellow, blue, grey stone… and -why not- navy stripes. Colors are obtained by garment dyeing, with 100% natural & local plants that give to Piñata its characteristic and Mediterranean tones.

High quality and lasting fabrics, 100% cotton and locally manufactured. Some of them are organic.

The patterns are casual, comfortable, easy-going, unisex and full meaningful prints, as Piñata PUM’s style.

Welcome to Life Aquatic !

End now with SALES and make space for ‘Life Aquatic’

1_newsletter SS2017-01

Based on the Wes Anderson film of the same name, the Life Aquatic collection is the collection we will present for this upcoming spring-summer season.

In Life Aquatic, we will be involved in a surreal aquatic world represented by whales, submarines, the octopus that encourages us to move like him, the balloon fish that describes its round shape, among other characters equally fun and eager to play with our little ones.

But to submerge down there still have to wait a few more days.

And in the meantime, we encourage you to continue taking advantage of the last sales of our autumn-winter collection.

For SALES check out HERE

…Gloups gloups…

The Bear hides behind the Raccoon

Captura de pantalla 2017-02-07 a las 18.02.32

What is behind the ‘Mapache‘ (which means ‘raccon’ in the Piñata Pum language)? An ‘Oso‘ (which means ‘bear’ in the Piñata Pum language).!

Although by size that would be impossible, in the world of Piñata PUM where anything is possible, a Oso hides behind a Mapache.

Exactly, the Oso hides within the Mapache, an even more suspicious assumption than the first.

The Oso is a great cotton t-shirt that hides behind the Mapache.

The Oso lives in the heart of the jungle. At the heart of the Bang Bang collection is its philosophy and its values interpreted through a hand-drawn and naïve style drawings that accompany all the pieces of the collection. Thus, at the heart of the Bang Bang collection is the garment that most powerfully communicates this philosophy and values: the Oso and its messages printed on it.

Captura de pantalla 2017-02-07 a las 18.06.37

Like the ‘duckling’ and the ‘sheep’ in the traditional tales, in Piñata PUM we also have a different ‘oso’ and we like the inclusion. It is the Oso with stripes. This Oso is also made of cotton.

Get your Oso here by taking advantage of the latest Piñata PUM sales.



And the winners are… Hielo Furry and Hielo Coat !

Captura de pantalla 2017-01-31 a las 17.33.55

With the sales, we realized that the Hielo Furry and Hielo Coat coats are the two pieces of the Bang Bang collection preferred for the ‘piñatera’ family. These two jackets are the clothes you bought the most during the sales, and today we pay them tribute.

At the same time, it is a pride for us to see how these beautiful jackets from our Fall-Winter 2016-2017 collection have so pleased. As you can already see in our previous collections, jackets are the garment with which we try to pull a little harder on fashion and trends by offering jackets with special touches that enrich the wardrobe of your children.

Hielo Furry and Hielo Coat  are the winners of Bang Bang. The reasons may be many, one, and the most objective, is cold in winter and so the need to dress our little ones with a coat that will protect them from the cold when they are outdoors. Then, the reason we prefer is that in our family ‘piñatera’ we love is because Hielo is fun, has a spirit of adventure, is comfortable and is produced locally and on a small scale.

The Hielo Furry jacket is made of polyester, and the Hielo Coat jacket is made of 80% wool and 20% polyester.

Captura de pantalla 2017-01-31 a las 17.15.03  Captura de pantalla 2017-01-31 a las 17.14.35

If you do not cover your children yet with a Hielo reference, click HERE to buy this ICI.

Latest discounts for Piñata Pum


We are already at the end of the month and finally a month that fits our pockets. In our online store you will find our latest prices that go from 10 € for a garment.

We also want to inform you that soon we will be presenting our summer collection and with it we will make you travel from a dry environment, such as the ‘Far West’ where the Bang Bang collection is inspired, to a fresher, liquid, hydrated, salty and lively. We will keep you informed!

For now, we leave you time and space for you to finish with your winter shopping sales.

Good luck and run or the others will take it from your hands.

Arrows for only 15 euros, only available on one site

Captura de pantalla 2017-01-16 a las 16.31.43

Arrows for 15 euros can only be found in one place, here it is “Unique place to buy Arrows at 15 €“.

Okay, you’re right if you tell me that other arrows may be a bit cheaper, but I’m not talking about the same type of arrows. Surely, you speak of wooden arrows or arches, in this case, it is likely to find arrows even less expensive, more than we are in period of sales.

But I insist, we are talking about The Arrow. An Arrow that, due to its success, we have already done twice, as well as two references each time.


Captura de pantalla 2017-01-16 a las 16.33.33 Captura de pantalla 2017-01-16 a las 16.33.49

We are talking about the world’s funniest Arrow, the Arrow with more style and more creativity. Do you know what kind of Arrow we are talking about?

The tip of our Arrow is double. The tree of our Arrow is fun and full of drawings of all kinds. The feathers at the end of our Arrow are different depending on the person using the Arrow.

Here we leave you with some feathers, but we want to remind you first that the Arrows for only 15 euros you can find them in our online shop.

Captura de pantalla 2017-01-16 a las 16.36.52      Captura de pantalla 2017-01-16 a las 16.38.03

The fashion of the furry coat


One of the fashion purchases we usually make in winter is a coat that keeps us warm from the cold, to us and the whole family. The option that Piñata Pum proposes for the children this winter is the model of ‘Hielo Furry’ – ‘Hielo’ means ‘Ice’ in Spanish -.

The particularity of ‘Hielo Furry’ is that it is a furry coat, of those of which so much speak lately the magazines of fashion and trends. This type of coats were already trend the last autumn-winter but for this season, this kind of coat have seduced us again. The brands launch their new models of furry coat and the second-hand shops display in their windows those who, thanks to current trends, continue to triumph. Furry coats are everywhere!

Our proposal is ‘total furry‘ and the little ones that already carry it enjoy the pleasure that gives them this type of cloth. The ‘Hielo Furry Coat’ is comfortable, soft and warm and since Piñata Pum has pulled out its model furry in its autumn-winter collections, it is usually one of the clothes that most like the Piñata world.

Another of the characteristics that we have in Piñata Pum is the innovation and creativity in launching proposals of garments with original fabrics, especially for the closet of a child. In this collection, we can find denim, corduroy, cotton. Plus, each one of these fabrics can be combined to look forward a very stylish look, funny and with personality. For this reason, Piñata Pum also risks adding a ‘furry’ garment to the children’s closet. And if ‘Hielo Furry’ is combined with another garment as our Flecha or Tirachinasdenim or cotton – the result is a casual, original, modern look!

captura-de-pantalla-2017-01-02-a-las-16-20-07  captura-de-pantalla-2017-01-02-a-las-16-19-53

My wishes for 2017


I would like to be a farmer and plant candy in a Denim Overcoat

I would like ice skate with an Ice Dress

I would like to be a Seashell and dance nonstop

I would like to be an Oyster and be friend with the seashell

I would like to be a Slingshot and see the world upside down

I would like to be an Arrow to get to the clouds

I would like to be an Igloo during a trip to the North Pole

I would like to be a Penguin to always have a friend by my side

I would like to be a Raccoon to live in the forest

I would like to be a Bear and eat honey without stopping

I would like to dress myself with a ‘Bomber’ because my sister says they are fashionable

I would like to be a Ghost to have a secret hiding place

But I would also like to become friends under the sea and travel to space by rocket.

Happy New Year!

A Christmas gift for you



Christmas is a special time; it is a moment of illusion, reunion, magic, souvenirs and new events. Both, children and adults are protagonists of this unique moment in the year.

Beyond enjoyment with the ones we love, Christmas is a time when gifts are made. We spend weeks thinking about that detail that will give illusion to the people we love, including our children and those little ones that are part of our lives.

From the beginning of Piñata Pum we have presented collections and clothes that come to life becoming the perfect friends of children. Thus, we have created a ‘piñata’ world for the ‘piñata’ children; a world that stays far away from the adult world. In fact this distant paradise is represented by our Bang Bang collection and according to it is situated in a Far West.

Our Christmas gift is a 30% discount on all our clothing and accessories. Our Christmas wish is to create a universe for the children where the magic of Christmas is a reality.

If you want to enjoy our gift for you, send us an e-mail to, we will send you a code so that you can make the purchases that you want in our online store.

Merry Xmas!

Piñata Pum doesn’t believe in bad luck



In Spain, where Piñata Pum comes from, we say that on Tuesday 13th neither marry nor embark because ‘Tuesday 13th’ brings you bad luck. In Piñata Pum, we like to think that on ‘Tuesday 13th’ is a day like the others; 24 hours left to chance, to improvisation, to play, to laughter, to beauty, to joy, one more day for our children to impress us.

If you are on our side, here you have our ideal clothing to go against ‘Tuesday 13th’, our knitted sweater Mapache ‘Good Luck’ (100% Acrylic).



If your children already have a Mapache, which means ‘raccoon’ in spanish, in their closets, we also have ‘Good Luck’ accessories: a cushion (100% Acrylic).


Which reference do you prefer?

You can find both reference in our online store or in our friendly stores.

Also you can find us at and Instagram and


Good luck!

A drawing for each Raccoon


Last week we introduce to you to the universe of the autumn-winter 2016-2017 collection, a world that takes place in a children’s Far West called Bang Bang. One of the characteristics of this collection, and Piñata Pum in general, are the hand-drawn and naïve-style drawings we created for each collection.

The drawings of the Bang Bang collection are printed on most of our clothes but we have a special garment that dedicates each of its references to one of our main drawings. It is the garment Mapache (which means ‘raccoon’ in spanish), of which we have 7 references; they are fun jerseys!

The references of Mapache differ in the fabric of the garment and in the printed drawing. In addition the main drawings of the collection are accompanied by some secondary drawings that have been created as derived from the imaginary and style of the three main drawings. Between the references of Mapache, we have one of them that gather all the secondary drawings; it is the Mapache Grey Allover’s jersey.

Which drawing does your children like best?

captura-de-pantalla-2016-12-07-a-las-13-16-09     captura-de-pantalla-2016-12-07-a-las-13-21-20

captura-de-pantalla-2016-12-07-a-las-13-21-36          captura-de-pantalla-2016-12-07-a-las-13-23-19

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Let’s be Raccoons!

Bang Bang, when children are the chiefs


Based on the onomatopoeia, the Bang Bang collection proposes a trip to the far west, the new world that Piñata Pum has created for the little ones. In this far west, children can express themselves through their values and beliefs; all expressions are based on fantasy and fun.

Bang Bang encourages to play surrounding the children in warm colors, with original fabrics (denim and corduroy) and with funny prints with a naïve style of manual stroke.

And if we start playing, we find children hiding behind colorful cactus, who come together to make slingshots ( tirachinas ), who become raccoons (mapaches), who run at the speed of an arrow (flecha ), who know bears ( osos ) with stripes, etc.

bangbang1 bangbang2 bangbang3 bangbang4


Each of the more than 50 garments and accessories presented by this collection of Piñata Pum, proposes new ways to play, create and imagine. All garments are available for children aged 3 months to 9 years.

bangbang5 bangbang6 bangbang7 bangbang8

The prints that identify the fashion and creations of Piñata Pum are original for this new collection. The patterns are wide and comfortable, mostly unisex, following the style of the brand. In addition with fabrics and dyes of the highest quality. The production is local, made in Barcelona, and sustainable.

print-3 print-4

To the to an end, Bang Bang demand with illusion and joy ‘hugs for all’,


¡Let’s Play!

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